[4 minute read] Discussing one key but rarely mentioned reason why markets in 2023 are in trouble, as well as an unspoken demographic undercurrent…

January 2023

[3 minute read] Here's a tangible example of the inflationary dangers of the Wage-Price Spiral. This is what's keeping the Federal Reserve on edge…
[5 minute read] Why the Federal Reserve wants a recession in its fight against inflation.
In this issue, we share our extensive research on a substantially undervalued company that has demonstrated explosive innovation potential.

December 2022

The year is drawing to a close, let's review FinanceTLDR's 2022. Sharing newsletter stats and our favorite issues published this year.
As this year draws to a close, let's review charts, stats, and figures to understand the origins of this year's inflation so that we can learn from the…
Exploring the ins-and-outs of Tesla ($TSLA) to help you understand how the business is doing in 10 minutes.
The Bank of Japan finally gives up on a pivotal but highly unconventional banking policy. What does this mean for the rest of the world?
This week, let's discuss why the market is selling off despite cooling inflation and why we think a recession is practically guaranteed.
Tesla’s stock is currently being sold off at an unprecedented rate. In just the last week, the stock has fallen close to 10% and it’s down 60…
Inflation worries are subsiding, but the market must now contend with the delayed impacts of significantly higher interest rates and central banks…

November 2022

The only summary of the Binance and FTX drama that you'll need. A story about an epic clash of titans and the humiliating fall of a high-flying crypto…